1. What do I wear to class?
    • Comfortable workout clothes, such as yoga pants and a tank top.  Sports bras are recommended for your comfort.
  2. Is there nudity in the studio?
    • No, nudity is never part of Dolphin Dance classes. Even classes with a “striptease” component are done wearing layers.
  3. I’ve never danced before.  Can I just come and watch?
    • Out of respect for our students, we have a strict policy that only active participants may attend classes.  Our classes are specifically designed for dancers who are just starting, or who have danced for a lifetime.  If you would like to try before committing to a six-week session, check out a Pole 100, Girls Night Out, or contact us about private and semi-private lessons.
  4. I’m out of shape.  Can I take your classes?
    • Of course!  Our classes are designed for women of all fitness levels, and are not competitive.  Through our warm-ups, strength training, and dance itself, you will get a great workout and become more in shape.
  5. Are there men in classes?
    • Most Dolphin Dance classes are women only.  We are currently working on completing a Dolphin Dudes curriculum and extending our classes to men. 
  6. What is the difference between Exotic and Pole dancing?
    • Exotic dance does not use the pole at all, while Pole dance is everything we do at or on the pole. Ultimately, the desire is to combine Exotic moves with Pole dancing into a fluid choreography.
  7. I have pole danced before.  Do I have to start in Pole 101?
    • For most students, the answer is Yes.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our students have the fundamentals of both exotic and pole dance.  Because of the uniqueness of studios and the focus of many pole studios on “fitness”, it is common for experienced polers to not have learned the majority of our basic transitions.  If you feel that you are an exception, you can schedule a 60-minute private assessment for $25.
  8. How many students are in your classes?  How many poles?
    • Our WA studio has 5 poles and a 6-student max. 
  9. Where did Dolphin Dance come from?
    • Dolphin Dance was created by Kristen Titko in 2005 as a means of teaching women to love themselves.  She was inspired to reach out to women after suffering devastating effects of trying to conform to a vision of “beauty” that was not her own.  See Kristen’s story in her own words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP6O-oSHI6M

Kristen is now a public speaker, teacher, and mentor through her new venture, Shevolved.  Check out www.Shevolved.com for more information.