Class Descriptions

All Dolphin Dance classes run in a registered drop-in format, meaning students can take any class at their respective level that they want during a given week. Pre-registration is required, since space is limited.

Progressive Pole


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Each month, we offer varied workshops – lap dance, chair dance, exotic dance, wall dance, pole dance.  The workshops range from 60 – 120 minutes, and focus on a choreographed routine to a specific song, which changes monthly.  Contact your local studio, or add yourself to our mailing list, for details!

Girls Night Out

Our Girls Night out class is a great way to get a taste of the studio with no further commitment. This 60-minute class will vary each offering to include a mix of introductory exotic, pole, lap, chair and/or wall moves! Expect a fun, party atmosphere where we give you a lot of free play time.

Exotic Explorations

Our Exotic Explorations class focuses solely on slow, sensual exotic dance without the pole – although the wall and chairs may be used. Each week, you will learn a different mini-routine, as well as tips and tricks for performance. Each class additionally features simple self-esteem building exercises. Ideal for all ages and fitness levels! You can dance just for yourself, or choose to share your new talent with a partner and add some new spice to your relationship. Over eight lesson plans to keep you interested as learn different moves and transitions each week.