Progressive Pole

All Dolphin Dance classes run in a registered drop-in format, meaning students can take any class at their respective level that they want during a given week. Pre-registration is required, since space is limited.

New students may begin in Pole 101 any week. For all levels, students can progress at their own pace depending on their own goals and abilities. Students must spend a minimum of four weeks at each level and demonstrate certain abilities for their own safety before progressing to harder moves. We have at least eight lesson plans at each level, so students spending more than four weeks in any level will continue to learn new choreographies at that level.

Pole 101

In this first level of classes, students will learn pole transitions, strengthening, and basic spins, and we will also focus on learning how to feel sexy when we dance. Each week includes lessons in dance moves, instruction on how to polish your dancing style, and self-esteem building exercises.



Pole 201

In Pole 201, students will apply the dance skills they learned in Pole 101 as they learn new transitions and spins. The strength training becomes a little bit more intense, and students begin to climb and sit. For all Pole classes, we maintain our exotic dance focus as you learn more exotic moves to build into both your pole and non-pole routines.


Pole 301

In Pole 301, students build strength for using new grips as they learn more spins and transitions, as well as combination spins. The choreography becomes longer and more involved, and the strength training is ramped up to meet your stronger bodies.


Pole 401

In Pole 401, students begin spinning using different grips, and we add a bit of 'pole monkey' by learning to invert (go upside-down) using your strength (no jumping!). By now, you will have learned many transitions and you will continue to be challenged with how to apply them. As an added bonus, the exotic moves become just a little bit naughtier.


Pole 501Pole 501

By Pole 501, you are a dancing queen! We continue encouraging the 'pole monkey' in you as you take your spins to the next level by moving onto one-armed spins and learning more challenging inversions and release holds.



Pole 601Pole 601

Pole 601 students will be challenged by inverting as part of the choreography, and by learning to hold and transition out of an inverted pose. They also begin to learn new climbs and holds, requiring strength and balance throughout the body. We also take you to the top of our exotic moves. Students can dance in the air and on the floor with grace and beauty.


Pole 701


Pole 701

Pole 701 students have earned their 'Master' title, and likely have the proudly displayed bruises to prove it! From here on out, moves are so complex that they often take weeks to 'get' and months to master.



Pole 801 and BeyondPole 801 and above – Invitation Only

These elite classes are for students who have demonstrated a desire and ability to learn wicked tricks and combos. Students at this level work on the most challenging moves and tricks, and can execute them in a choreography.